Spotify – A User Perspective

lovemusicI must say that I am the one in that one in five statistic I was mentioning yesterday, and I do consider music as being one of my main hobbies. I may not be as informed as other “ones”, but I hardly pass a day without listening to music. I remember that from my first allowance I bought two albums. I was 12, and I really liked All Saints, reason for which I really wanted their album. Unfortunately for me I was 12 and stubborn, and I was determined to do this all by myself. Needless to say that my stubbornness bought me an ATC album (well it wasn’t even an album, it was an LP with 13 remixes of the same song) and Vonda Sheppard’s album, which my brother already had. I therefore decided that I would rely on my brother’s collection until I got old enough to know what I’m doing.

Soon after, I started to borrow CDs my brother didn’t have from friends and classmates, and I would ask my brother to make copies if them. I didn’t realise at that time that I was infringing copyright or anything. All I knew was that I really wanted to listen to music and that I really loved my brother’s “Mix CDs”.

rightoneIn high-school I started using YouTube to watch videos but it was really annoying for me to not have a playlist that would run uninterrupted, which is why I turned to LastFM. The problem was that the subscription fee was rather high for my student budget, and I gave this streamer up really soon. The next thing I tried was 8Tracks, which I still use from time to time. But my favourite discovery was definitely Spotify.

What do I like so much about Spotify you might ask. Well, first and foremost, I love the integration between a desktop music player and an online streamer, as well as the extension to all my other devices (smartphone and tablet). I love the fact that I can create multiple playlists to help me organise my (well, their) music according to my mood, that I can upload music that they may spotibook-560x373not have straight from my computer, I like thier radio very much (you can start the radio with a song you love and it will suggest songs that are similar and the best thing is that you can save the songs you like in a separate playlist) and I love the “sing along” app. And of course it has a social feature that simply cannot be overlooked. You can share what you’re listening to, listen to what your friends are listning to and check out other users’ playlists.

There are three different pricetags attached to these services: the basic listening to music or radio on your desktop (or laptop) is free, but is interrupted by ads. The unlimited and uninterrupted version is £4.99, while the subscription which allows you to listen to your favourite music on any device (and download the songs as well!) in £9.99. Maybe I’m biased, but I feel that it gives a lot more value for money that iTunes does.

There you have the personal perspective on Spotify. But what is the business perspective? You’re going to have to tune in again for that :).

Until then, have a delicious day!




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