What is Spotify?

SpotifyTo start this topic on a rather euphemistic note, Spotify was regarded by John Dvorak from PC Magazine as “The online streaming service [that] seems to have solved the music industry’s problems” and “the culmination of 15 to 20 years of user experimentation”.

But what is Spotify? According to Anne Shelley, “Spotify is an audio player with an experience more like iTunes than its streaming music peers.” It uses a downloadable platform for both Windows OS and iOS with which you can search for artists, songs, albums, etc. and create playlists to share with your friends over Twitter or Facebook. If you hear a song or album you like, you also have the option to purchase it from one of Spotify’s online music store partners.

spotibook-560x373However, before you can do all that, you’ll need to create an account. You can either use your Facebook account for the ease of connection between the two accounts, or simply create an account with Spotify and then connect it to your Facebook account, provided of course that you have one. Some time ago you would only be able to create an account if you already had a Facebook account, but this has changed to please even the less social people who like music.

You have many features available with the Spotify client. You have the music catalogue, the radio, a player for unlicensed music from your computer, the ability to sort your music into playlists, sharing your playlists and songs you are listening to with your friends, finding new music with the help of your friends, or through the news feed on the home page, and many, many apps designed to make your life easier.

One other feature that “Premium” users will find very useful is the offline listening that allows you to synchronise your playlists and then not use a byte of your internet connection for 30 days. The reason behind the fact that you need to go online at least once every thirty days, as Spotify puts it is “just to make sure that your subscription is still active and so … [they] can keep track of how many times the tracks have been played.”

What is your favourite feature?

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