Spotify – Tips and Tricks

After learning how Spotify operates and how it makes money, I think it’s time to go back to the user perspective.

The lovely guys from Mashable have compiled a great list of tips and tricks that are designed to make your life as a Spotify user easier. And to make your life as an internet user easier, I will quickly tell you what they were saying :).

1. Discover new music

Try their various discovery apps, such as We Are Hunted, Pitchfork, Hype Machine and Blue Note. When you like particular bands, check out “Related Artists” on their artist pages, and check out Spotify’s “What’s New” tab for new music every Tuesday.

You should also use the Radio function for stations, based on a song, artist, album or even a playlist, and tailor your preferences with likes and dislikes. Also note that once you hit like on a song it will also be added to a playlist called “Liked from Radio” which makes it really easy for you to find it again.

2. Collaborate on playlists

Switch your playlists to a “Collaborative”, share them with your friends and let the music flow in! You’ll be amazed at the songs your friends add. And if you’re not, I think you should get new ones 🙂

3. Listen to music online with the premium subscription

I’ve already mentioned a couple of times that you can save money on internet usage by synchronising your playlists for offline listening. And why wouldn’t you when a good internet connection is not always available?

4. Check Play History and Top Lists

You can check your play history by selecting “Play Queue” in the left-hand toolbar, then toggling to “History” at the top. You can add tracks to your queue by right-clicking and selecting “Add to queue”. You can also select “Top Lists” under Apps, and see what you listen to most by choosing “for me.”

5. Use advanced search modifiers

Similar to Google, you can use certain search modifiers and operators to make your search more advanced. For example, by typing “year:2000-2005,” you can find all kinds of songs between those years, and even make it more specific (e.g., “genre:electronic”).

6. Organise Playlists in folders

Do you know how I mentioned the Playlists that you can use to organise your music? Well, if you find that you have dozens of playlists and your toolbar is starting to get a little convoluted, you can organise them by sorting them into folders. Simply click File > New Playlist Folder, and rename, drag and drop as needed.

7. Import mp3s From Your Computer

Spotify has a pretty expansive music database, but you might not find everything you’re looking for. Import your iTunes library to have all of your tunes in one place. To do this, go to File > Import Playlists, and follow the directions. Depending on how many songs you want to import, this could take a little while.

8. Embed songs online

It’s really simple to share the songs you like on your blog or website. All you need to do is right-click on the song you’re interested in and copy the embed code.

9. Link to a specific part of a song

If you’d like to share a specific point of a song with someone (one minute in, for example), right-click on the song, click “Copy HTTP link” and affix to the URL the time at which you’d like the song to start. See the screenshot for the example “#0:32.”

10. Change Privacy Settings Permanently

Since your Facebook and Spotify accounts are most likely linked, you might run into some trouble: for example, you listen to a ton of One Direction and your Facebook friends publicly mock you – and to be honest I can totally see why. Therefore, instead of entering a private session every time you use Spotify, go to Preferences, then go under “Activity Settings” and uncheck both share settings listed below “Privacy.

11. Find Song Lyrics

If you’re like me and love to sing along with your favourite songs, you’ll love the lyrics apps that come with Spotify. From my knowledge, you have two options: TuneWiki and musiXmatch. My personal preference is musiXmatch because they seem to have the lyrics to most of my favourite songs, as opposed to TuneWiki. With the former, you can create those inspirational pictures with lyrics from songs which is cool, but aren’t enough of those already?

So there you have the most useful tips and tricks you can found in regards to Spotify. Aren’t you impressed yet? If you aren’t then you should read some more…I’ll find a way to impress you!

But until then, have a delicious day.




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