Spotify in the news

Two recent developments have caught the eye of  journalists all over the world, and one other improvement to the Spotify mobile app has been announced on their Facebook app page.

The What’s new page has been refurbished and is now called “Discover”. Tina Hart from MusicWeek said:

“Discover personalises a Spotify user’s homepage according to their activity and makes it easier to find new music suited to their tastes, reports VentureBeat. Features of the page include daily personalised recommendations, new releases from ‘followed’ artists, music and playlists shared by followed friends and trendsetters, Songkick local gig alerts and instantly recommended related music when a song is played. The Discover page is currently available on Spotify’s web-based application and will be rolled out to desktop and mobile apps in due course. Spotify chief product officer Gustav Söderström said in a statement: “With the Discover page, we’re making good on our promise of helping you choose what to listen to when faced with millions of songs. We’ve made your listening experience more personal, more social, and more current.” “

discoverSince the article mentioned above was posted 2 days ago, Discover has been introduced to the desktop app users as well, and I must say it’s awesome. I found a few great songs based on the recommendations on the page.

The second interesting announcement that Spotify has released was the partnership with Ford. Chad Kirchner from Gotta be Mobile said:

“At [the] Mobile World Congress, Spotify and Ford announced that they would be partnering to bring a new Spotify app which would support AppLink. AppLink support will allow Ford drivers to access their playlists, move forward and back through songs, and everything else that they can do natively on the phone through the steering wheel or voice commands.

Available now (iTunes link) you can install the latest version of the app and integrate it into the vehicle. To make this connection, your phone must be connected to Ford Sync via Bluetooth and via a USB cable at the same time.

Once linked, pressing the Sync voice command button and saying “Spotify” should be all that is necessary to access all of your Spotify content. Once Spotify is connected and active, the phone will also become unusable; only displaying the Spotify and Ford logo.”

But as most cars now have the native use of the phone integrated in their functions, that shouldn’t be a problem – you’re driving anyway, so you shouldn’t be using your phone, should you?

The third, and most important to me, was the announcement that Spotify has released an updated version of their mobile/tablet app which allows users to “turn sideways” – it has the landscape mode! One of their Facebook fans responded to this post saying “Thankyou SO MUCH for this!!!! As an Android Tablet user I found that turning my head 90 degrees to listen to music was an awful pain in the neck (see what I did there!!!) THANKYOU!!!!! ” and boy his words are true. It appears as the users have been requesting this upgrade for a long time now and many of them are really pleased that their voice has been heard.

How many times has your voice been heard as a customer?

Until next time, have a delicious evening!





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