Rant of the week – with a twist :)

I’ve not told many people yet, but I’m a Student blogger intern at my University. The reason for that is I wanted to ramp up a few posts and then do something with it. I thought it was just a silly thing the uni want me to do for free and without any consequences, until I wrote the post below. It is no longer available on my student blog due to one phone call that woke me up this morning. I was told that it’s too negative and that I will get an e-mail with topics and guidelines of what I can and cannot do on my student blog. So I will just rant on my own little blog, which has more than 3 readers :))

Sometimes I wish that I was writing this blog under complete anonymity and that no one actually could see both my picture and my name at the top of the page. But then again, I’ve never been one to run from responsibility.

DisclaimerI want to confirm that it is not me writing this blog, but my tired and confused mind, and I reserve the right to take back some of my words at a later time. (soon 🙂 )

OK so … I wish that tutors were more interested and excited about the courses they are teaching. I mean seriously, even I am more excited about counting invoices than they are about MARKETING! What’s not exciting about Marketing? Well, maybe research, but regardless! You have a bunch of very interested, eager to learn students, and all you do is … well, just drain the life and excitement out of them.

I was just writing my personal reflection for my first graded assignment, and I had an epiphany…If Marketing communications requires planning and research, shouldn’t teaching also require some planning and structure? I know someone did some research at some point, but it seems that structure is something that’s missing here (well other than excitement).

So…what’s the deal here? We are paying £9000.00 per year…are we expected to make the tutors excited about their course, or is it the other way around? I’m not saying I want my mind to be blown and to have lectures and seminars that would make me praise the tutors every single time…I’m just saying that a bit of involvement wouldn’t hurt.

So tutors, please be a little bit more involved and at least pretend to be interested in the subject you’re teaching. 🙂

Thank you for listening to my rant…hopefully I will have a more positive approach to life next time we meet!

I don’t think it was inappropriate, I was just speaking my mind. And if that’s not something the student experience is about, than what is?

Well, anyway, I’m sure I’ll have a more positive approach to life in the next few hours, so I’ll write a new, more bubbly post on the other blog, which I hope no one reads!

Until next time, have a delicious day!




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